Why It Matters – The July 25th Show

Why It Matters – The July 25th Show

Dems Mueller Hangover

        After Mueller’s testimony, FoxNews’ Shannon Bream asks 70 Dems to appear on her show….ZERO takers

        End of the Dems’ Russian impeachment dreams BUT YUGE problem for Dems who have been building up unjustified, irrational outrage

        Impeachment is gravely serious AND national political conversation MUST include adult leadership explaining that to the people.

DROP impeachment as a Rallying Cry


Ilhan Omar Demands

Emerging facts and unanswered questions point to multiple felonies

        Immigration fraud

        Marriage fraud

        Tax fraud

        Congressional ethics violations

It is NOT racist to apply America’s laws to Ilhan Omar

Dems yesterday saluted in unison:  “No one is above the law”

Should Ilhan Omar be above the law?


Somali Jihadis Kill Muslim Journalist

A Canadian Muslim woman journalist on a mission to soften and improve the image of Islamic-controlled Somalia is tragically murdered by Somali jihadis


        Jihadists engaged in violent attacks are following the teachings of the Islam as set out in the Koran and many modern Islamic authorities

        Islam is not a race – it is not phobic to be alarmed by jihadists

        Ignorant denial of this truth can be tragically fatal


Clueless on Campus Update

Quotes on immigration policy:

        When attributed to Trump – RACIST!!

        But actually spoken by Obama – Ummmmm….

All Americans, and especially millennials, must wake up to the harm of being played by the MSM—duped by narratives, unacquainted with truth

Truth exists; facts matter