Why It Matters – The July 27th Show

Why It Matters – The July 27th Show

Secret MN School Equity Survey


  • Is it ok for grade school teachers to tell students to keep ‘equity survey’ classwork—or any other classworksecret from their parents?
  • The federal government and education bureaucracy is on a mission to inject itself between parents and their children. NOT all teachers, but the teachers’ unions AND many administrators. Why?  Under what authority?  To what end?
  • The radical Marxists that have overtaken the American LEFT believe government can and must take the place of family and religion in society, & indoctrinate everyone accordingly

                        The radical left agenda is to destroy America as founded

            It’s past time for ALL AMERICANS to wake up and save their country

That includes driving this mentality OUT of the schools


Abolitionist Teaching Network Exposed


  • “ATN” is another tentacle of the radical left
  • Spreading CRT and other divisive teaching, appropriating the term ‘abolitionist’ to mislead people and pervert the true meaning of the term in American history
  • The real and honored history of the ‘abolitionist’ movement was to rid the country of slavery; many Americans gave up their lives in pursuit of this righteous, anti-racist cause
  • To purposefully conflate the abolitionist movement of the 1800’s with the ugly, soulless, racist agenda of CRT is inexcusable, indefensible, dishonest.

Americans must resist the distortion of US history AND

The corruption of our schools by CRT


BLM & Dallas Justice Attack White Libs


  • “Dallas Justice” sends letter to wealthy, mostly white suburb of Dallas demanding that white parents sign a pledge that their children will NOT apply to Ivy League and other top schools, to make more admission slots available to children of color.

Accompanied by apparent threat to ‘doxx’ parents who refuse to sign on…

  • Unintended consequences? Dallas Justice letter may expose wealthy white liberals who virtue signal w/ BLM yard signs but ignore BLM’s coercive Marxist roots & mission

NIMBY Alert? – ‘not in my back yard’

Truth:  Dallas Justice letter based on the repugnant assumptions that ONLY color matters rather than individual merit, that children of color cannot otherwise successfully apply, and ignores the reality that America’s colleges & universities already pursue diversity.

MLK—not BLM and not Dallas Justice—still the Truth:

Judge all on ‘content of character’, not color of skin