Why It Matters – The July 27th Show

Why It Matters – The July 27th Show

Whose Black Life Matters:  Lloyd Marcus and Bernell Trammell


Lloyd Marcus – Proud black “Un-hyphenated American” passes on (ACWT interview 7/23)

Outspoken, prolific, positive-about-race-relations writer for decades

Bernell Trammell – Proud black Trump supporter gunned down in broad daylight in Milwaukee…not one MSM mention of his death

An honest organization standing in good faith for the idea that ‘black lives matter’ would mourn the passing of proud black Americans exercising their American freedoms

BLM is silent on the passing of Marcus and the violent killing of Trammell…because BLM is not about the idea that all black lives matter; it is controlled by white Marxists using the wedge of racism to press for a Marxist overthrow of America

No excuse for corporate America or any other American NOT to know the

            truth about BLM’s agenda…an agenda that must be rejected in 2020


Nadler’s Mythical Portland and Minneapolis’ Future


Portland rioters captured on video, but Nadler says Antifa in Portland ‘is a myth’?

Americans increasingly asking:

Why are no DEMS ever denouncing the violence?

Why do DEMS fear offending Marxists?

Drone footage and resident commentary show Minneapolis as a ghost town

Americans increasingly asking:

Is this the future of American cities that DEMS think is ok?

Militias forming in Minneapolis…do we want this instead of police?

America’s MSM tries to downplay continuing violence, and portray Trump’s efforts to restore law and order as the problem…a transparently false narrative

          DEM/leftist lies are running out of steam; Trump is not the problem

                                    Trump is the only choice for President


Racial Agitation:  DNC to NYT


Draft DNC platform specifically names and denounces/denigrates white people 15 times

NYT presses on with 1619 Project: teaching American Revolution fought to preserve slavery

…which liberal AND conservative historians denounce as baseless nonsense

Trump’s increasing popularity in black and other minority communities profoundly

threatens the monolithic black vote that DEMS have depended on for decades

…and so the leftist agitation for all things ‘racist’ has gone nuclear/off the rails

Sen. Tom Cotton proposes to block funding for any schools teaching 1619 nonsense

Saving America requires more Americans to see what is happening

            connect the dots

                     and follow Tom Cotton’s lead and stand up in their own ways


SCOTUS Cancels Constitution


Justice Gorsuch mildly redeemed for writing strong one-paragraph dissent in SCOTUS decision upholding COVID rules in support of casinos and against churches

It’s still true that Gorsuch unloosed gender dystopia in pure legislation-from-the-bench decision, and John Roberts sided with the liberals again

John Roberts is well past characterization as a conservative ‘maverick’; he has thrown in with the leftist wing of SCOTUS, damaging the Constitution, SCOTUS & the US

Roberts’ decisions are not impeachable offenses, but they are so far from his characterization of his judicial philosophy during confirmation hearings that Americans wonder if something undisclosed explains his behavior

Potential SCOTUS appointments in the next four years…

            yet another reason to re-elect President Trump