Why It Matters – The July 28th Show

Why It Matters – The July 28th Show

Army’s ‘Operation Inclusion’


A training program for the United States Army includes blatant leftist indoctrination…

…being more ‘inclusive’ means alertness to ‘covert white supremacy’ in ideas such as:

  • Make America Great Again
  • All lives matter
  • One human race
  • Denial of white privilege
  • Color-blindness
  • English only initiatives
  • Celebrating Columbus Day

Americans must wake up to these implications:

  • The Left is relentlessly at work to destroy America
  • Do America’s military leaders have the moral clarity to reject this?


‘Peaceful Protest’ Update


  • Video prepared for House Judiciary meeting was a powerful rebuke to Nadler’s ‘myth’
  • 18 Portland rioters have been arrested for arson, assaulting police officers
  • No sane person would call these riots in US cities ‘peaceful’

The United States Congress under the Democrat majority is dangerously unserious

Denying the reality of violent riots will never lead to law and order

Making every moment of every day about accusations against Trump is not         doing the people’s business; it is simply power-mad agitation,      obstruction and leftist propaganda


AG Barr Goes to Congress


  • AG Barr is the picture of competence and experience; unphased by theatrics
  • Barr’s opening statement to Nadler’s committee very strong, very direct in refuting accusations of being the President’s ‘factotum’ or personal attorney

House Judiciary Committee under Nadler reminds Americans of an unserious Congress

Democrat members’ questions are for the cameras and soundbites

Barr not allowed to answer or mostly talked over

Dems believe their MSM echo chamber is America…it’s not

But American patriots still wonder if Barr has the fortitude for full prosecution of the Obamagate perpetrators….


Covid Censors and Death Panels


Doctors treating real covid patients with real success go to DC to tell their stories…

…at the same time a TX border county convenes ‘death panels’ to decide

who can or can’t be hospitalized for Covid treatment

Media reaction?  Google, Facebook and Twitter take down the docs’ success video

All news of cures/treatments other than a vaccine is silenced

Americans MUST rise to ask and demand an answer toWHY is this happening???!!!

  • What kind of people do NOT want a cure for Covid?
  • Why are the 20/30-somethings of social media companies entitled to decide what all Americans are entitled to hear about Covid treatments?
  • Who made them medical experts?

     Americans are right to suspect an agenda at work—about politics, not health