Why It Matters – The July 29th Show

Why It Matters – The July 29th Show

Police Bail Out on Dems


100 police agencies withdrew from providing protection for DNC Convention in Milwaukee

proving that reality and common sense still exist

DC and other Dems are relentlessly condemning police based on the demonstrable lie

that police are facing ‘peaceful protesters’

Dem-controlled city councils (e.g. Minneapolis, Seattle) are relentlessly taking away police authority and tools to contain/stop riots, arson and property destruction

Reality is that Dem-controlled cities are facing destructive and dangerous rioting

Common sense is that no man or woman will put on a police uniform and risk their lives to protect politicians that condemn and handcuff them…they will just say NO

                Dems are not even trying to appeal to everyday Americans

                        Every “D” should be voted out in November 2020


Dems’ Barr-Brawl Backfires


House Judiciary ‘hearing’ with AG Bill Barr was a disgraceful, embarrassing spectacle…

for the Democrat Party

Extreme rudeness; rehearsed interruptions; asking questions but refusing to allow Barr to answer; partisan soundbite/tirades in lieu of questions…

No decent man or woman of even modest maturity would be anything other than

disgusted and ashamed of an American political party behaving in this way

REALITY:  It’s all about John Durham…and now John Bash…and Barr’s refusal to hold up the results of their work until after the election

The Obama administration engaged in criminal abuse of power; Dems know the American people will be furious with Dems when the full truth is known

  And that’s why they are out to destroy Barr

            flailing AND failing in the attempt