Why It Matters – The July 29th Show

Why It Matters – The July 29th Show

Baltimore Besieged

Truth does not have a race & Trump is speaking truth about Baltimore

        The NYT ran a major story in 2016 on Baltimore as a wasteland

        Bernie Sanders likened Baltimore to a 3rd world country

        Baltimore’s former Mayor Pugh commented on smelling rats

Dems claiming  that President Trump speaking these same truth is “RACISM”

are trying to divert America’s attention

 from the reality that their policies never help poor people

Americans of every background deserve better government


Sidney Powell & Justice for Michael Flynn

        Americans must stay awake:  the Deep State/media coup attempt remains ongoing

        Accountability & repair of unprecedented corruption of American institutions will require moral courage, fortitude, fearlessness, and persistence

        Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn increasingly looks to have been the target of a deliberate frame job by political hacks at DOJ/FBI

        Attorney Sidney Powell is bringing him a fighting chance at justice

Support Lt Gen Michael Flynn if you can:  MikeFlynnDefenseFund.org


Rep Ratcliffe to the Rescue

        Rep Ratcliffe’s words during Mueller testimony about the bedrock American principle of presumption of innocence may become an American classic

        Remember:  Ratcliffe is one of a handful of people who has seen virtually all unredacted documents that are awaiting ‘public’ declassification

        Ratcliffe’s nomination MUST be sending panic through the Left, because he has demanded accountability for any crimes committed

Senate confirmation process will be a window on Swamp resistance

Border Battle

        SCOTUS decision opens funding for more of the Wall

        AMERICA can control its borders; this is only a matter of political will

        The battle over the citizenship question on the census revealed the undeniable truth that “DEMOCRATS do not respect the idea of citizenship AND do not want a secure border”

        DEMs and pro mass-migration GOP advocates are BOTH problems

TRUMP is leading in the right direction


Poverty Shoe-Fest


The American spirit—

        Is about individual initiative, the Golden Rule, and loving your neighbor

        It does not wait around for government to solve every problem

An Arkansas woman leads by example—How about shoe-fests around the country?