Why It Matters – The July 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The July 2nd Show

Unmasking Antifa 

        SCOTUS long ago agreed that the First Amendment does not give blanket protection to masking your face

        Antifa masks are like anonymous Twitter trolls: 

                        Provoking anger, hatred and violence while evading responsibility 

Americans must demand a culture of unmasked, civil, open debate.


Rep. Ilhan Omar &  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand 

Mockery of Christianity has become a DEM calling card:  two recent incidents.  Ilhan Omar mocks the regenerative, reformative value of Christian faith in budget debate.  And Senator Kirsten Gillibrand equates pro-lifers with racists??!!   

            Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger was an admitted eugenicist 

The left’s godlessness is completely out of touch with America.


NIKE’s Unpatriotic Surrender 

        Leftists bully businesses into pushing the Leftist agenda.  Some big businesses have joined forces with Hollywood, academia, left wing media.

        NIKE chose to appease the ‘hate America’ pop culture PC attitude  when it surrendered to Kaepernick and dropped the Betsy Ross flag shoe design

        ARIZONA Gov Ducey is doing what MORE Americans must do –make businesses that capitulate to the Left feel the heat – Let them lose money, sales & goodwill 

Is it time for Americans to cancel Nike purchases?


AOC’s Dangerous Border Fantasy 

OF COURSE America must try to meet basic safety & health needs of detainees

BUT we must recognize that the radical leftist agenda is:

Elimination of borders

Elevation of non-citizens over citizens

Eradication of all meaning to the word “citizenship”

Eventual elimination of US national sovereignty


Leftists “see” things at the border that fit their agenda.  Leftists want Americans to NOT see and NOT focus on their agenda.


No immigration detention center is a concentration camp if you can avoid it by walking the other way.