Why It Matters – The July 30th Show

Why It Matters – The July 30th Show

Biden, Women and Ward Connerly


  • Biden proclaims that women, especially of color, have never gotten a fair shot in America
  • Biden is going hard left, going with group identity politics, going with perpetual victimhood, going with patronizing condescension
  • This is an utter lie about America and American women…and American women know it

There is no wage gap; this has been documented conclusively

Women are in the majority of graduate degree programs throughout the country

Women are freer in America than anyplace on earth; their achievements prove it

Ward Connerly—black American—has the courage to say America is not a racist country

Dr. Thomas Sowell—black American—says there is no systemic racism

        American women need to speak up:  America is not an oppressor of women


Rep. Louis Gohmert Speaks Truth to Dems


Rep. Louis Gohmert played the Dems ‘cancel culture’ tactic back at them in brilliant speech on the House floor

Dems’ centuries-long history of supporting racism is documented, irrefutable, ugly

By today’s SJW standards, the party should be renamed or disbanded

Dem/media mob want to dismiss Gohmert’s speech as a political stunt

Speech was in fact designed to draw attention to….truth and Dem hypocrisy

Devastatingly accurate

Gohmert’s larger point also effective:  Why does the mob get to decide when

a character honored by a statue is no longer worthy?  What about Lincoln?

Congress needs more Reps like Louis Gohmert


Dr. Stella Immanuel Censored


  • Black, Nigerian-born, US immigrant woman doctor has successfully treated hundreds of Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine
  • And the MSM and social media impose full censorship/’disappearance’ on her????!!!!

Racist?  Anti-immigrant?  Anti-woman?  Anti-science?

  • Immanuel was NOT alone in the infamous video; she was joined by ‘frontline’ Texas docs involved in day-to-day treatment of C-19 patients…who are achieving great results
  • Yet the MSM persists with daily ‘covid porn’ and suppression of all news of remedies

AMERICANS MUST ASK:  Does the MSM want Americans to be free of Covid-19?

Americans ARE asking this question…and

            …they sense they are being lied to in pursuit of a political agenda


Trump Tramples Dem Election Scheme


  • President Trump acting to prevent illegal aliens from being counted in census for purposes of Congressional apportionment
  • Could significantly reduce count of ‘citizens’ in urban areas

Shifting Congressional Districts and even reducing some states’ no. of CD’s (Calif.!)

  • The left will howl, but Trump has common sense and logic

Isn’t Congressional representation to be determined by the votes of citizens?

  • No impact on 2020 election, but it is another move toward honoring citizenship

            …which is strongly supported by Americans of every background