Why It Matters – The July 31st Show

Why It Matters – The July 31st Show

Judge:  DNC “Divorced” from Facts

A Clinton-appointed judge dismisses the DNC’s “Russia collusion” lawsuit against Trump

        Dems’ argument ‘entirely divorced’ from the facts

        Dismissal ‘with prejudice’—meaning it can’t be amended and filed again

“The Russians hacked the DNC” is also being exposed as a fraud (watch yesterday’s show)

The coup and coup plotters are close to being fully exposed and held accountable

Truth is catching up to the lies, one by one

This is great for America


Hemingway/Severino and Kavanaugh

“JUSTICE ON TRIAL” is a timely capture of an episode that defines the left:

        SCOTUS is the premier tool of societal transformation; THEREFORE

        SCOTUS ideological composition is critical to power to shape the future; THEREFORE

        SCOTUS confirmation battles know absolutely no boundaries for honesty or decency

The Left’s tactics against Brett Kavanaugh, if fully understood, would turn decent Americans away from the Democrat Party forever

Inform yourself of the nature of the Left

Read “Justice on Trial”


Baltimore and Cooking Up Hate

        Elijah Cummings called Baltimore ‘drug-infested’ in 1999 Congressional hearing

        AOC’s Congressional district includes day camp facility closed because of dead rats

        Cummings and AOC demand more free stuff for illegal immigrants at the southern border…but what about their own constituents?

Is there any wonder Trump’s “America First” resonates?

Is there any wonder the Blexit and Walkaway movements are growing?

Americans must insist: the race card is exhausted and empty—tune it out