Why It Matters – The July 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The July 3rd Show

Trump Tax Battle Goes to Court

The ‘legal’ efforts to obtain Trump’s tax returns are transparent political ‘lawfare’.  There is no legitimate reason whatsoever for House Democrats or the NY AG to go after Trump’s tax returns

No.  Legitimate.  Reason.  Whatsoever.

Americans must reject Dems’ hyper-partisan, utterly lawless abuse of power.  They ought to stop attacking Trump for the sake of attacking Trump, and start behaving as adults and addressing duties as legislators.


State of Religious Freedom 2019

        Crosses with historical stature are being preserved

        Harassment of Chick-fil-A = intolerance of Christian religious values

        Atheists’ intimidation of public officials toward silencing Christians is relentless

Religious freedom is America’s first liberty.  Christians are under assault around the world.  America must defend freedom of religion



Insulting Congress = Crime?

Congresswoman Fredrerica Wilson:  this is what a “ruling class” attitude looks like.

July 4th should remind all Americans: 

        America abolished the idea of a ruling class

        America is governed by “We the People…”

        American government is supposed to be ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’

Open public debate, including criticism of public officials, is fundamental to maintaining freedom.


Austin OKs Sidewalk Sleepers EXCEPT…

Government policies that apply to everyone except politicians = INHERENTLY SUSPECT.

Meeting needs of homeless MUST be balanced w/ need for civil life, safety, & hygiene.

Policies should reflect compassion and belief in people’s inherent worth and potential:

  • “Homelessness” is not a normal, causeless condition; indulging it by allowing “sleep anywhere” policies is hopeless surrender
  • “Sleep anywhere” also validates homelessness, AND drags down all of society
  • Addressing causes like mental illness, addiction, unemployment etc., is vital
  • Remember the lessons from Maine’s work for food stamps project; many will respond well to demands for more responsibility