Why It Matters – The July 5th Show

Why It Matters – The July 5th Show

Independence Day 2022: Wise Veteran Speaks Truth


100-year-old Marine Corps veteran’s short video goes viral on Independence Day/weekend

  • A patriot in tears over what is happening to the country he fought for and others died for
  • A palpable, stirring, emotional impact on anyone who watches it
  • Not an intellectual discourse
  • Not a historical argument
  • A heartfelt sadness…that resonates at the gut level with millions of Americans

The left wants Americans to believe this 100-year-old veteran is now a relic of a bygone era

…that his feelings are held by a minority of Americans

The left is dead wrong…the spirit of America lives in him and in millions…a large majority

The left’s war on America is not over, and it won’t be won overnight

Patriots must stay in the fight


Marxists Hate America: The Stephen Miller tweets


Former Senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller is one of the top intellects of MAGA movement

  • Miller’s July 1 Twitter thread is worth reading in its entirety

The litany of Biden admin actions are transparently intended to destroy America

  • There is no other explanation

Exploding energy costs…inflating the dollar…opening borders…opening jails…destroying nuclear family; replacing religion with ideology…indoctrinating public school students…policing speech, punishing dissenters…stoking racial division…funding global wars

  • What part of this agenda did the American people vote for?

Miller’s tweets yet another stellar wake up call…Spread it!


Election Rigging Rolling Along


Data emerging from Colorado primary election demonstrates obvious election rigging

  • Graph showing actual vote tallies over actual time intervals shows a pattern NOT REMOTELY POSSIBLE IN REAL LIFE—i.e., only possible through use of voting machine programming
  1. Hemingway chronicled Biden’s federal govt effort to pump up the registered voter rolls
  • Disguised as encouraging voting, the real purpose is to inflate voter rolls…
  • Which is Step #1 to enable election rigging

Gavin Newsom’s Florida campaign ads—’move to California for freedom’—are beyond ridiculous and wasteful

…unless he’s already confident about running in a rigged election in 2024


Truth about Climate: Gas Prices & Starving People


Head of Biden’s National Economic Council cites need to stand firm for Liberal World Order

  • Gas prices must remain high to transition away from fossil fuels to fight climate change
  • If people—especially in undeveloped countries–die of starvation, too bad

Biden scolding oil companies and gas stations…as if they are the cause of high prices

Netherlands farmers in massive protest against climate change policies that will drive many out of business

Steve Moore points out:  Green New Deal ADDS to greenhouse gasses

Climate change alarmism is and has always been a political tool for wealth redistribution and destruction/reset of America’s free market system…it has never been about science

Always, always about achieving totalitarian control of people