Why It Matters – The July 6th Show

Why It Matters – The July 6th Show

Biden’s Border Obliteration Agenda


Longstanding US policy re captured illegal immigrants:

  • Cannot re-enter America for 3-10 years depending on circumstances of capture/arrest
  • Discourages law-breaking
  • Encourages ‘play by the rules’ immigration

Biden’s Homeland Security just eliminated this policy; illegals may now re-enter at will

Yet another example and PROOF that Biden’s actions are NOT innocent mistakes

…they are actions in pursuit of an agenda to eviscerate America’s borders

…and destroy this country

The American people MUST rise up to save their country


COVID Vaxes & Data: Pfizer is Winning (?)


UK’s Dr. Clare Craig speaking out about actual Pfizer clinical data

  • Pfizer data does not demonstrate safety or efficacy
  • “Emergency Use Authorization” is preposterous on its face…no data to suggest a covid emergency is facing young children…why the rush to authorize?
  • Vaccine injury data proliferating—e.g., menstrual problems up 1000-fold
  • USA’s Dr. Pierre Kory speaking out about young people dropping dead from vaccines
  • America’s Frontline Doctors continues to speak out (aflds.org) about dangers of vaccines

YET America’s FDA marches right along, approving vaccination of young children

FDA is a completely ‘captured’ agency…Big Pharma is in control

Americans must not be ‘sheeple’ regarding covid vaccinations of children

The data is screaming out for caution


DeSantis v Newsom: Which America do Americans Want? 


Newsom’s ad airing in Florida marks incredible tone-deafness and arrogance

  • US migration data belies Newsom nonsense about California
  • Migration is heavily from blue states to red…people are moving OUT of California
  • Red states’ employment generally back to pre-covid levels; blue states BELOW

Monmouth poll on what is of concern to Americans—

  • 22 items received mention…NO mention of J6 Comm or Ukraine/Russia
  • Top four are all freedom issues: inflation, gas prices, economy, paying bills

…and California is horrible on all four

Newsom’s message has no chance of connecting with vast majority of Americans

Is Newsom stupid…or is he counting on rigged elections?