Why It Matters – The July 8th Show

Why It Matters – The July 8th Show

Ilhan Omar:  Dismantle America

Omar openly calls for dismantling America’s ‘whole system of oppression’

Defunding the police is just a start; capitalism is a next target

Minnesotans/all Americans must not be in denial about this leftist insurrection

  • Slavery was abolished in the US over 150 years ago
  • Civil rights laws/affirmative action programs have been in place for more than 50 years

The challenge of improving race relations was not discovered in 2020

and it is NOT the agenda of the left/BLM

The agenda of the left is open advocacy to overthrow the Constitution and the Republic

Omar has a 1st Amendment right to say it

But Minnesotans have the right to vote her out

Do it!


America, WHO and the UN


WHO and the UN were formed in the aftermath of World War II

Both had noble visions and purposes

Both have become profoundly corrupt, pro-globalism and anti-American

WHO’s behavior during pandemic has shown bias and coverup and protection of China

  • American lives were jeopardized because of WHO’s lack of institutional integrity in documenting and advocating pandemic analysis and recommendations
  • Trump’s decision to withdraw from WHO followed a clear April warning to clean up
  • Trump’s agenda is not American isolation, but American break from supporting global institutional corruption

UN is not far behind WHO in terms of corruption and anti-American bias

    Staying in the UN requires proof of its continuing value to US    ????


Putin President for Life


A strange mix in Russia

  • Affirmation of supremacy of Russian law in Russia (rejection of globalism)
  • A ban on same-sex marriage (rejection of LGBTQ agenda)
  • Putin president for life; no checks and balances
  • One-man rule is dangerous; unresponsive to and can be defiant of the people
  • “Free and fair elections” rarely produce 78% voting consensus on anything, and certainly not on candidates

A timely reminder of the majesty of the US Constitution, and the need to

protect and defend it “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

Russia remains a dangerous adversary