Why It Matters – The July 8th Show

Why It Matters – The July 8th Show

Trump’s July 4th Celebration

        The crowd was enormous, enthusiastic, patriotic and orderly

        Trump’s speech was a tribute to the country and the military branches that protect it

            It was NOT about him

        Does LOVE of COUNTRY that was on YUGE display “trigger” the media and the LEFT?

TUNE OUT the incessant, hate-Trump, detached-from-reality narratives that the MSM is constantly spewing!


Solving Poverty in America

        America’s economy is humming for everyone BASED on free markets at work!

        We should not make policy about forced wealth redistribution based on snapshots of data – It takes time and persistence to lift people out of poverty. And freedom is already doing that!

        IF wealth redistribution is the answer, who decides how much, and for how long?  What is the endpoint of a massive wealth redistribution effort?

        America should focus on widening avenues of upward mobility, instead of the collectivist wealth redistribution the LEFT is pushing


Kaepernick, Douglass & Senator Cruz

Kaepernick is the recipient/victim/outcome of left-wing education, media and politics, that revels in perpetual outrage and always focuses on the worst in our history (and distortions of our history), instead of our tremendous sacrifice to make a more perfect union, end slavery, and abolish segregation.

Frederick Douglass is an American hero who was PROFOUNDLY pro-America AND PROFOUNDLY anti-slavery.  His sharp denunciation of slavery was one of many sparks to the war that ended it.

Join Senator Cruz in standing up for who Frederick Douglass was and what he said!

Kaepernick’s read on DOUGLASS speech is uninformed



        Betsy Ross was an abolitionist!

        It’s one thing for NIKE to work collaboratively with paid endorsers. It’s another to endorse and uphold historical ignorance, anger and hatred.

        NIKE is choosing to capitalize on and make money off of ignorance and hatred of America. Buying their products feeds their mission.