Why It Matters – The July 9th Show

Why It Matters – The July 9th Show

Lincoln, BLM, SJW


Abraham Lincoln very specifically debated Stephen A. Douglass on this question:

Are blacks/slaves included in the phrase “all men are created equal”?

Abraham Lincoln eloquently said YES, won the debate, the Presidency and the Civil War


Efforts of BLM, SJWs, NYT’s 1619 Project and DEM Party DENY this history and

willfully misinterpret how Americans view their country’s founding ideals

There is no honest purpose behind destroying Abraham Lincoln and his legacy

It is an insurrection/overthrow agenda, and it will not stop until made to stop

All Americans will be made to care

Lincoln’s side is still the right side


Obama, Soros, and NYT


Obama was and is a radical leftist, and worked 8 years in support of his worldview

  • Disguised his radical views from the American people, but implemented them relentlessly
    • Obama railroaded socialized medicine (Obamacare) thru Congress despite

opposition by the American people

  • Obama fomented racial tension despite TRUTH being known by Obama and Holder

Trayvon Martin’s death did not involve race or police; it was an act of self-defense

Michael Brown’s death did not involve ‘hands up, don’t shoot

Soros doubling down on publicly disclosed spending in 2020 – $40M

Spending vastly more on ‘psy-op’-type spending/mental manipulation

NYT’s 1619 Project not about new learning; it’s about recasting American character

This is a leftist insurrection/overthrow/hate America agenda

       It does not seek and will not be appeased by compromise


Vindman is No Victim


Vindman merely an illustration of Obama’s impact

Eight years of leftist appointments/infiltration, including at Nat’l Security Council

No respect for American constitutional structure – elected President makes policy

Brazenly accused Trump of doing what Vindman KNEW Biden DID

Vindman is not a victim and not a hero

His actions served the radical left, not the United States of America

How many more Vindmans are still in the DoD, DOJ and other federal agencies?

A Trump second term MUST include a massive clean house effort


BLM, Allah Hu Akbar, Communists Merge


A UK demonstration includes all of the following chants

  • “Black Lives Matter”
  • “Allah hu Akbar”
  • “End capitalism”

There is a unifying factor in these chants, but it is not civil rights; it is not social justice

It is about the Marxist, Islamist and Communist shared goal of destroying America

Americans MUST rise to defend their true heritage and true ideals

They must NOT be fooled by the deceit and manipulation of these groups