Why It Matters – The July 9th Show

Why It Matters – The July 9th Show

Religious Freedom Rallies Tomorrow

        Echoes of the 1930’s in Nazi Germany – Why did no one speak up?

        Persecution of Christians internationally—in Africa, EU, the Middle East, China – is nearly ALL at the hands of Islamic terrorists, and totalitarian Communists

        America should be the strongest advocate and loudest voice defending Christians.  If not you, who? If not now, when?

        Large rallies and passionate pleas will be noticed by Congress, foreign governments, the UN and even the perpetrators – we CAN make a difference!



California vs. Texas

THE FACTS are not in dispute about whether freedom or big government works better!

Texas:  less regulation, lower taxes, enforce the law

            >  Greater job growth, better pay, less social dysfunction

California:  more regulation, higher taxes, lawlessness & ‘sanctuary state’

            > Lower job growth & effective pay rates, AND Higher homelessness, TB and typhus!  

High taxes on the rich do NOT make life better for anyone!


Citizen Census Question

This issue:

Ø  Boils down to whether America still believes that citizenship matters

Ø Epitomizes the disconnect between the ruling class VS the American people, and      the Open Borders:  ”America is nothing special” Leftists VS the “border security matters because America matters”  patriots 

        There is nothing “racist” about asking about citizenship. Citizenship is colorblind

        Opposition to the census question is about hiding from the American people the number of people living in our country illegally, and facilitating having non-citizens count toward Congressional representation and government benefits, and having illegal aliens safely waiting in the wings as future citizens destined (they hope) to vote Democrat some day

        Americans will look back someday at our era and ask why we could not figure out that citizenship matters because America matters

        We must see the leftist hysteria against the question as a flat-out admission they have no regard for the concept of citizenship

        The Supreme Court (Justice John Roberts) inexplicably and unnecessarily punted the issue back to the lower courts, seemingly trying to make it impossible to include in the 2020 census

        This Leftist manipulation of the issue should not be allowed to stand

AG Barr appears set to provide constitutional adult supervision