Why It Matters – The June 10th Show

Why It Matters – The June 10th Show


Archbishop to Trump – It’s About Good v. Evil


Archbishop Vigano’s open letter to President Trump is a must read

Americans must not get lost in the trees of incidents here and there…


The western world, especially America, is facing an all-out radical leftist/communist, totalitarian assault from within; it is fundamentally about good v. evil

  • This isn’t about helping black Americans
  • It is not about revising policing procedures
  • It’s not about fixing an economic system that 3 mos. ago was the envy of the world

It’s about taking down America under the Constitution

And American patriots must resist, fight back and win


Lt. Col. Allen West on Destroying Black History


Rioters in Massachusetts destroyed a memorial to the Massachusetts’ 54th Regiment

The 54th : an all-black regiment of escaped slaves that fought for the North in the Civil War

If any monument affirms the honorable history of black Americans, it is a monument to an entire Army regiment that said black lives were worth giving up in the service of preserving America as the land of the free

This tells you all you need to know:

  • The rioters are NOT serving the cause of helping blacks
  • The rioters are NOT about serving the cause of American freedom
  • The rioters are about destroying America as founded

…while leveraging the cry of ‘racism’ to do it

Americans MUST see what is attacking their country, and resist


Nigel Farage Exposes BLM


UK conservative leader Nigel Farage sees the reality better than PM Boris Johnson

UK rioters defacing statues of Winston Churchill because of George Floyd’s death????

Without Winston Churchill, there might be no UK

Hard, abundant data in the UK and USA completely debunk the claim of ‘systemic racism’

So if UK rioters are disavowing Churchill and lying about racism, they are not about fighting for a better UK…they are carrying out a full leftist/communist assault on the UK and the entirety of the western world

Those who love the freedoms of the western world

had better wake up and push back NOW