Why It Matters – The June 11TH Show

Why It Matters – The June 11TH Show

NOT Living by Lies: The Rebirth of Freedom in America


Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn first coined the expression:  “Live not by lies”

  • He was offended by his govt’s relentless lying about life under communism

American patriots are learning first-hand what Solzhenitsyn meant

VDH –   The left isn’t running on anything from the last 3+ years

The left KNOWS that leftism/socialism/communism DOESN’T WORK

Their only option is to lie:  about the economy, the border, Ukraine, Israel, lawfare

Solzhenitsyn called for individuals to assert their spiritual independence and freedom

THAT is America’s heritage from the Declaration of Independence

THAT is the calling of 2024:  LIVE NOT BY LIES…SPEAK UP FOR TRUTH


Pelosi Video


Video surfaces of Nancy Pelosi on January 6th…lamenting lack of troops/law enforcement…

”I take responsibility”

ØThis video never publicly disclosed by J6 Committee

ØJ6 Committee publicly denied any evidence existed that supported Trump’s claim that his authorization of more troops was denied by Pelosi/Bowser

ØThe J6 Committee destroyed evidence after their work was completed

The J6 Committee was a sham and a fraud:  THEY LIED

Live not by lies

The entire J6 ‘insurrection’ narrative was a deliberately concocted LIE

The purpose was to disqualify Trump from ever running again

Hundreds of j6 prisoners have paid for this lie


FBI Expels Trump Supporters


Tucker Carlson’s latest interview w/counsel to FBI Whistleblower has dropped

ØDocuments show FBI was/is disqualifying agents from security clearances if they were/are Trump supporters

ØIdeological discrimination, pure and simple

ØThese are actions springing from a leftist totalitarian mindset

ØThis is why there are calls to dismantle the current FBI and start over

Carlson has now labelled the January 6 insurrection ‘a hoax’

Millions of Americans see it the same way

Yet J6 protesters remain in prison, without due process rights

Live not by lies

There was no insurrection

there was a ‘primal scream’ at a stolen election


President Bukele easily re-elected in El Salvador


Story of El Salvador’s transformation is inspiring and hopeful for the world

ØFrom the most dangerous country in terms of murder rate/gang control

ØTo the safest country in the Western Hemisphere…in just five years

Turnarounds from seemingly impossible situations ARE possible

Bukele openly calls the transformation a ‘miracle’

Bukele openly acknowledges the turning point:  a humble, cabinet-level call for prayer

Bukele won re-election with 85% of the vote!

People everywhere KNOW what is good and right

they are clamoring for leaders with moral courage


It’s Raining Freedom All Over The World


Elections in Europe shake up the establishment

ØBelgian PM resigned

ØMacron dissolves French parliament, calls for snap elections


People everywhere are fed up with:

ØMassive, uncontrolled immigration that dilutes national sovereignty and identity

ØClimate tyranny that is disrupting farmers and food supply


Live not by lies

Don’t be fooled when legacy media labels Trump supporters ‘far right’ or ‘extremists’

Trump supporters are as American as apple pie

They are the American voice of the common sense of people all over the globe