Why It Matters – The June 11th Show

Why It Matters – The June 11th Show

Seattle’s Antifa NoGo Zones


Antifa barricades a section of Seattle; takes over a police precinct; area includes 500 residences; signs for ‘defund the police’ and ‘dismiss all charges’ against rioters

Blue State, blue City, blue Mayor – This is ‘Occupied Seattle’

This is what happens when an all-out leftist assault on America is met by a sympathetic leftist politician and leftist culture – committed to ‘de-escalated interactions’

They believe they’ve outgrown ‘law and order’; they believe a mob can be appeased;

they believe systemic racism is a thing in America that calls for radical change

All of these are lies; all will lead to chaos and anarchy

Saner Seattle-ites had better wake up, soon


SPLC – Unjust to Label Antifa a Terrorist Organization


SPLC has long been exposed as a radical left organization…

  • SPLC named the Family Research Council a ‘hate group’ because Christian and


  • SPLC now arguing for denial of obvious Antifa-led riots and destruction


SPLC is aligned with radical leftists seeking to destroy America as founded

It is as simple as that

It is as malicious as that

It is as purposeful as that

American patriots must rise up, speak up and resist


Leftist Lies Melt Snowflakes


MSM bias and TDS is not funny and is not harmless

  • The young girl on video has been indoctrinated on lies throughout her formative years
  • Hasn’t the slightest idea what’s going on; what is good; and what is evil
  • An emotional, childish wreck; a complete dupe who will support everything that will destroy her chance at a life of freedom and achievement

How many of America’s young people are just like her? Or American ‘adults’?

Lies and propaganda can destroy the innocent, the ignorant and the gullible

The MSM is a shameful disgrace; it has abandoned respect for truth

And fostered creation of Adults who are mental infants