Why It Matters – The June 12th Show

Why It Matters – The June 12th Show

Trump Indicted for WHAT?


Special Counsel is reinforcing all the reasons so many ‘normal’ people hate lawyers

  • Stretching literal words from an inapplicable Espionage Act to create an indictable offense…
  • …while ignoring the Presidential Records Act that neuters the indictment

Trained lawyers understand the abusive legal tactics, but media spins it to sound credible

Trump indictment is transparently politicized, weaponized lawfare, not justice

  • Arresting political opposition is the mark of third world s**thole countries
  • Garland, Wray, Barr…have disgraced and defiled the DOJ beyond repair; it must be flushed

Protesters in Miami tomorrow must stay peaceful…

The Biden cabal WANTS violence to justify further reactive tyranny

Trial judge can be an American hero by standing up to this abomination

Throw the indictment out and impose sanctions on the Special Counsel


Trump Rallies & Energy


In one Saturday, Trump:

  • Delivers hour+ speeches in Georgia and North Carolina
  • Makes time for a stop at Waffle House
  • Makes time for photos with motorcycle cops guiding his motorcade

Biden, on the other hand:

  • Barely seen in public; rarely speaks extemporaneously
  • Trouble putting coherent sentences together
  • Visibly weaker, physically and mentally, every day

The idea that a senile 80 year old man, incapable of campaigning, and with a miserable approval rating, is presented by the Deep State/Dems as a viable candidate for re-election

Is a disturbingly obvious indicator that elections are rigged




Biden bribery allegations apparently strong already, and more in the works (per Giuliani)

  • $5M bribe directly involves Ukrainian business, directly implicates Biden in compromised decision-making involving Ukraine war support
  • Hunter laptop provides strong basis for probable similar corruption between Biden and CCP

These are simple and obvious grounds for impeachment and removal from office in a functioning USA…

  • But Uniparty—especially in US Senate—remains aloof, defiant and in denial

Marjorie Taylor Greene is so far mostly alone in the House, but she has seen the bribery docs and has the power of righteous indignation…do not underestimate her

Stench of corruption—the very worst in American political history—is overwhelming

The American people will demand impeachment and removal of Biden and More

Will Politicians act? 

Are they more afraid of the people or the Deep State?