Why It Matters – The June 12th Show

Why It Matters – The June 12th Show

Hispanics & NYT: “Far Right” Lies


Hispanics naturally gravitating to MAGA agenda

  • Culturally – church-goers, pro-life
  • Recently elected TX Cong. Mayra Flores ran on “God, family, country’
  • Several more Hispanic candidates running in TX as Republican

NYT/left insists that people must be defined by skin color and ethnicity…Hispanics = Dems

  • Christians, in particular, are to be mocked and marginalized

NYT therefore blasts Christian Hispanic Mayra Flores as ‘far right

  • …but the label just doesn’t fit/resonate with Hispanic community…just a tired, lame smear

NYT remains adamant, with no grasp of America and the MAGA agenda

CRT—defining everyone by skin color and ethnicity—is NOT winning

Congrats to Mayra Flores!


Mark Your Calendar for October 15 th!


ACWT’s Third Annual Summit set for October 15 in Dallas!

First two Summits were memorable, inspiring, impactful—attendees loved them!

Speakers set for October 15 – take a look at americacanwetalk.org for details/bios

Brilliant speakers/thinkers will address serious issues and answer the question:


Tickets now on sale at americacanwetalk.org


October Surprise & the Imploding J6InquisitionComm


J6 having trouble maintaining the mission to disqualify Trump…cancels this week’s hearing

  • TV audience is nil; Americans’ list of Top 22 concerns doesn’t include J6
  • Bannon now ready and willing to testify, but only in public…J6 looks bad if it prohibits Bannon

from testifying in public after holding him in contempt for initial refusal

  • Gateway Pundit has released whistleblower documents showing FBI had Proud Boys informant who filed immediate report exonerating Proud Boys re January 6th…and FBI disregarded and pursued prosecutions against Proud Boys

The J6 Committee exercise is a disgrace to American due process

FBI and DOJ have been exposed as corrupt, dishonest and willing to fabricate evidence and falsely imprison opponents of the Biden regime

A dark and ugly episode of American history…let’s hope it can someday be redeemed