Why It Matters – The June 13th Show

Why It Matters – The June 13th Show

Thought Police Expanding Operations


NFL Asst. Coach Jack del Rio calls J6 a ‘dustup’ compared to George Floyd riots

  • J6 one day; GF/BLM – 500 riots over seven months
  • J6 minor property damage; no protester armed; GF/BLM $billions in damage, armed looting

Calling J6 a ‘dustup’ compared to GF/BLM riots is merely an opinion (freedom of speech?)

…and the facts indicate it is a reasonable, informed opinion

YET…craven NFL fines del Rio $100K, and forces his public apology for thinking wrongly

Shame on the NFL…the most leftist/bootlicking of all corporate enterprises…

wildly out of touch with the attitudes of American football fans—

Millions of whom agree with del Rio


J6 COMM Goes Full Show Trial


  • Mountains of J6 exculpatory video evidence still not released
  • Fed ‘plants’ and provocateurs ON VIDEO, but not charged
  • Documented evidence of Trump’s J4 call for troops…rejected by Pelosi…not publicly acknowledged by J6 Comm
  • YET Adam Schiff and others calling for DOJ to indict Trump…
  • …WHILE Steve Bannon claims thousands of whistleblowers ready to support indictment of Chris Wray and Merrick Garland

Rulers of the leftist cabal—Soros? Obama? Schwab?—are playing with fire

They KNOW there is no basis to indict Trump; they KNOW the election was stolen

they KNOW indicting Trump may trigger violence….IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT?

Martial law?  No elections in November?


Schumer & Biden

Caused Kavanaugh Attempted Assassination?


Biden/Schumer on video with inciteful rhetoric against Kavanaugh and others, warning against overturned Roe

So….under leftist logic–

If Biden/Schumer say Trump is responsible for J6…are Biden/Schumer responsible for anything that happens if Roe overturned?  Or if anything happens to any SCOTUS justice?

Police already called up to be ready for Roe decision

Why is it ok for leftists to call for riots and violence against ANY SCOTUS decision?


RINO-backed Gun Deal


RINOs are stunningly out of touch and clueless about the mood and condition of America

America is being destroyed in an all-out leftist assault against EVERYTHING that holds America together

  • Stoking racial conflict
  • Opening borders to millions of illegals
  • Shutting down energy production
  • Creating food shortages via deliberate destruction of food processing plants
  • Destroying savings through runaway spending/hyperinflation

And now is the time to move toward the left’s desire to disarm Americans????!!!!

GOP establishment leaders MUST be replaced