Why It Matters – The June 14th Show

Why It Matters – The June 14th Show

Flag Day Stands for Something


Immediate 9/11 aftermath – Americans felt the unifying power of the Stars & Stripes

Outside leftist enclaves, the American flag still unites…around ideas

In 2022, Flag Day—June 14—deserves renewed attention

  • The flag is a symbol of American exceptionalism…under her founding ideals
  • Those ideals remain exceptional…they just need to be understood and honored

American ideals are under all-out leftist assault from within

…from true domestic enemies with the intent to destroy

Fly your American flag in defiance of all who would tear it down!


Red Flag = White Flag on 2A


Red flag laws allow govt confiscation of privately owned guns if someone publicly raises a ‘red flag’ about the danger of such guns in the possession of a particular gun owner

Quintessential ‘slippery slope’ toward govt confiscation of all privately owned guns

  • Who decides who is a ‘danger’ – e.g., disgruntled ex-spouse?
  • What rights does the gun owner have to dispute the ‘red flag’?
  • Will any judge hear arguments from both sides – e.g., ‘red flagger’ v. gun owner?
  • When and under what circumstances will confiscated guns be returned to the owner?

In June 2022, in the face of brazen govt tyranny, censorship, cancel culture…

…this is no time to entertain even the mildest version of red flag gun control laws


Climate Consensus?


Consensus” is not a scientific principle; it may be nothing more than paid-for groupthink

Consensus’ once was that Galileo deserved prison for believing the earth was not the center of the universe

  • Galileo lived out his life under house arrest; took another 300 years before truth acknowledged

Consensus’ once was that bloodletting was therapeutic

  • George Washington died from loss of blood from bloodletting for sore throat

Consensus’ about climate change—extent, causes, solutions—is a myth

Of 50 major climate alarmism predictions:  ZERO have come true

3 new books by climate experts demanding an end to alarmism


Fuel, Freedom & Climate


  • More Americans MUST understand: Fuel is a freedom issue
  • Once govt can deny fuel production and prohibit the manufacture of certain means of transportation (for the cause of protecting the climate), govt has control of personal movement
  • Climate change + alarmism always understood by the left as an all-powerful tool to suppress freedom and take totalitarian control…all in the name of ‘safety’ and environmental ‘purity’
  • Facts do NOT support the claims of climate alarmists, but too many Americans are too deferential and falsely presume pure motives by alarmists…

…Reeks of a scam driven by leftist lust for power, control and money