Why It Matters – The June 14th Show

Why It Matters – The June 14th Show

Why Flag Day Offends Leftists


The American flag is not Democrat or Republican

It is American

Lovers of the flag are lovers of America

lovers of the land of the free and the home of the brave

They are comprised of every race, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic background

Among the strongest lovers of the flag are those not born under it…

…who came to it after living (and leaving) where men and women are not free

Simple truth:  those offended by the flag (Obama) don’t like America as founded

Fly the American Flag at your home, wherever that home is



Biden Dementia @ G7


The legacy media’s contempt for the American people has never been more vivid

Joe Biden is embarrassingly, transparently, senile

and everyone watching the videos sees it and knows it

Yet the legacy media will NOT report what is obvious…’move along, nothing to see’

Fawning over Biden as sage, gentle man performing heroically is sheer fraud

Biden is occupying the office of the Presidency; he is not executing its duties

America’s national security is profoundly at risk

so long as Biden continues to occupy the office of President

No American wants this

Who is running the country?


AZ Audit – American Reckoning


Legacy media/ruling class never thought American citizens would stand up

…mockery and condescension of doubters were believed to be unstoppable weapons

But insistence on the AZ election audit by AZ reps has not wavered

Scrupulous, transparent procedures will drive an honest result; the chips will then fall

Thirteen states have visited the AZ election audit site

AZ results may start a cascade of audits in both red AND blue states

Biden AG Merrick Garland has threatened to audit the AZ audit

But AZ Rep Wendy Rogers immediately pushed back, without fear

Honest victors do not fear audits and hire 100 lawyers to fight the audit

Arizona MUST stand firm, finish the audit and release the results

Americans can handle the truth


New Generation of American Leaders Needed


America is in a war for her survival

The politicians who allowed, fostered and created this war

…will not be able to resolve it

The Republican Party establishment does not have fighters who will not flinch

America has faced a 4+ year barrage of deliberate, consequential lies impugning Trump…

…but the real attack was on American self-governance

…a ruling class assault on American freedom


FLA Gov. DeSantis is setting the tone, but he is a newcomer and alone

The need is for new, fearless, patriot fighters

most incumbents do not have what the times demand