Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

TX to CA: Undercover CRT & SJW


Historical illiteracy is an epidemic across American schools; stunning lack of knowledge of:

  • How many branches of government?
  • How many SCOTUS justices?
  • Who fought with and against America in WWII?
  • What was the Holocaust?

What are the true numbers of fatalities/murders of Jews in WWII?

But…children are learning ‘whiteness’ is a moral blight

CRT is not random; it is not isolated; it is a deliberate, sweeping effort to transform America

…by sweeping away biblical teaching/Declaration and replacing it with atheistic humanism

…by promoting racial division instead of American unity

Wokeness superseding godliness

CRT is profoundly harmful and destructive to all Americans –

It Must Be Rejected and Ejected from schools


BE a Lifesaver for America


Reality for America in June 2021—

  • The cavalry (in uniforms) isn’t coming to save the country from a Marxist overthrow
  • The cavalry is everyday patriotic Americans who must stand up, NOW
  • There may not be one single march or rally or movement which will win the war
  • There may not be one key leader to galvanize and organize
    • It may take thousands (millions?) of points of light and resistance

Get informed on key elements of the Marxist agenda…examples:

  • Attend ACWT Critical Race Theory conference (Thursday, June 17!)
  • Watch ACWT, and JOIN! – membership support protects informed, patriotic content

Timid advertisers can be scared off by the leftist mobs

        Join the ranks of those who effectively speak up and say “NO” to the left’s agenda