Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

Biden Team’s Gaslighting on Steroids


Biden and his Press Secretary are beyond parody; past the ‘Baghdad Bob’ caricature

  • ‘…economy is booming’
  • ‘…less debt, more savings…best economic performance in decades’

This is complete nonsense…gaslighting on steroids

…massively insulting to the intelligence of the American people

Recent polling of businesses shows 48 year lows in confidence and outlook

Americans are fed up with a govt that lies…all the time…about everything

…and treats its citizens as ignorant manipulable fools

This cannot continue


Brave Doctors in the covid Era


Pediatricians stepping up around the world: STOP THE VACCINATION OF CHILDREN!

Pfizer hoped to withhold vaccine trial evidence for 55-75 years

  • Now Dr. Naomi Wolf and others poring over the data that shows
    • Vaccines not very safe and definitely not effective

Yet Pfizer and ‘captured’ FDA are plowing forward with authorizations for vaccination of children and infants

Americans are watching real-time demonstration of compromised big medicine/big pharma/big govt…but also of truly courageous physicians who are shouting the truth

Americans living through a spectacular collapse of trust in govt/big pharma/big medicine

Restoring trust may take decades


Food, Factories, Fires and Fuel


There is now a list of 65 incidents of fire/explosions/destruction of America’s food processing plants over the last 12-24 months

  • Far beyond ‘coincidental’ or random, bad luck
  • Lack of federal concern/investigation is stunning

Biden continues to drain the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

…rendering America helpless in time of emergency

WAKE UP – America is being attacked from within in a war to destroy America, and the creation of food and fuel shortages is part of that war

The American people must rise up to save their country

because American institutions are completely compromised and corrupt

they are NOT engaged in protecting America

they are aiding and abetting America’s destruction


Trump-Endorsements &  GOP Victories 


Trump’s endorsement record now at 129 wins, 8 losses

Trump sycophants and anti-Trump RINOs miss the point

The wins are not about the personality or charisma of Donald Trump

            The losses are not about a resurgence of love for the Uniparty

Trump endorsees are winning because the American people:

  • Recognize the importance of the MAGA agenda
  • Can discern the candidates who do and do not embrace that agenda

Occasional RINO wins mean nothing in terms of measuring the American mood

  • Georgia GOP primary that Kemp ‘won’ almost certainly rigged
  • Mace in SC probably won because of Dem cross-over voting in GOP primary

              Uniparty/Swamp problem is an awakened America, not Trump endorsements