Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

Why It Matters – The June 15th Show

DEFEND not Defund the Police


The NYT prints terrorist op-ed in favor of defunding the police…

            …as if there’s no other choice for America

YET a UC Berkeley professor thoroughly debunks entire ‘defund the police’ narrative…

            …but must remain anonymous for fear of being cancelled, losing job

Americans are NOT with the leftist anarchists

Americans do NOT want a lawless survival-of-the-fittest animal culture


            The Blue Line is the line of civilization; the alternative is mob rule


Seattle’s CHAZ


Seattle’s mayor: a reminder of what happens when voter apathy allows election of leftists

In times of peace, merely incompetent and silly

In times requiring crisis leadership, dangerously delusional

CHAZ is not a summer block party celebrating democracy

It is a century of communist agitation landing on a major US city

Residents afraid for their lives

No rule of law; no private property; just the rule of force

Totalitarian toward speech and thought

and the mayor has no clue what to do


           Not a harmless experiment; The damage is enormous and spreading


Rayshard & Abrams & Truth in Atlanta


The Atlanta incident is NOT about ‘racist police’…the facts:

  • A demonstrably drunk man (.108 sobriety) passes out in a Wendy’s drive thru lane
  • A civilian calls for police help; police respond politely and patiently
  • Civilians don’t want drunk drivers; they want them in custody until sobered up
  • Suspect decides to resist arrest, punches officers, grabs officer’s stun gun, runs away, fires stun gun at pursuing officer, pursuing officer fires back with real gun

This is what Stacey Abrams—former Dem candidate for GA governor, and rumored Dem VP candidate—calls murder of a man because he was asleep at a drive thru

     AMERICANS are tired of DEM lies and MSM narratives; truth matters

               But no Dem anywhere has stood up for the police in Atlanta


Open Civil War + Trump Victory


President Trump has forced the masks off the leftists for all to see

The leftists are not on the American playing field

The leftists do not want the rule of law; they want totalitarian control

The leftists do not want civilization and order; they want chaos and anarchy

Yet no Democrat will condemn them…how does that make the average American feel?

The answer: >800,000 ticket requests for a Trump rally in Tulsa, OK

Florida flotillas in the thousands in support of President Trump

Organized and spread by word of mouth, not paid for

             The radical left appears to be assuring a Trump landslide in 2020