Why It Matters – The June 16th Show

Why It Matters – The June 16th Show

CRT Backlash – Biden’s Domestic Terror Ploy


  • Critical Race Theory is increasingly exposed, throughout the country

Hateful, divisive…a deliberately designed tool for deliberate, permanent division

  • Biden, Garland and Wray all hyping ‘white supremacy’ as the greatest threat to America

This is outright falsehood, and they all know it

  • The Deep State/ruling class/anti-American left thought they could inject CRT at every level of education, in the military, in government, in corporate America

They never thought the American people as a whole would wake up and resist

Get informed and judge for yourself!  Attend tomorrow’s ACWT Conference on CRT!

Details at americacanwetalk.org


Biden, Putin, Tucker & January 6th


Watch Tucker Carlson’s opening segment on June 15th show…analyze it yourself

            Might be the most monumental expose in modern media history

            Was the January 6th ‘insurrection’ scripted and organized by the FBI?

            EVEN PUTIN is questioning the shooting of Ashli Babbitt

  • Serious questions being raised about Deep State/ruling class corruption and anti-American authoritarianism throughout the US government

…the election of Donald Trump in 2016 threatened to expose all of it

                        … and that’s why we endured the FAKE Russia Collusion Hoax and the

                        FARCE of the Ukraine impeachment & the Trump Georgia phone call                             impeachment

                                    …they were trying to get rid of the threat to their power


Biden, Putin, Tucker & January 6th



  • ‘Russia collusion’ – fabrication of the FBI and DOJ; a complete hoax to remove Trump
  • Impeachment #1 – fabrication of the State Dept to cover for Biden/Ukraine corruption
  • Covid pandemic – Fauci ties to Wuhan; lockdowns; deaths over-counted; Fauci blocks HCQ and other remedies; fear + lockdowns green-light use of mail-in balloting/fraud
  • Transparent election fraud on Nov. 3; five swing-states stop vote-counting?
  • Serious questions now about Jan. 6th being staged…and FBI/DOJ going after ‘white supremacy’ … just a cover for going after MAGA/political opponents?
  • Remember: summer of Antifa/BLM rioting mostly without arrests/prosecutions…
  • YET Some Jan. 6th ‘rioters’ in solitary confinement, though unindicted and unnamed co-conspirators remain free

Americans must brace themselves

Ridding the govt of this level of corruption/fraud is a historic task