Why It Matters – The June 16th Show

Why It Matters – The June 16th Show

Millennials Less Patriotic, More Socialist


Millennial rioters proudly destroy the statue of an early abolitionist????

This is NOT about standing up against racism

This is the utterly ignorant ‘cancel culture’ run amok

But restrain anger…millennials are not making an informed choice to be less patriotic

They were never taught the ‘why’ of patriotism

            They were taught only the real OR supposed OR exaggerated flaws of America and her history and ideals

American patriots everywhere must ‘re-teach’ America to friends, neighbors, family

            America IS unique

            America IS exceptional

            America IS the last, best hope of earth

            No one will want to live in a leftist replacement for America


SCOTUS Legislates


SCOTUS’ 6-3 decision overlaying transgender rights onto legislation that never

contemplated such rights is pure legislation from the bench

            Gorsuch caved completely; appears to want applause from the LGBT community

Americans are increasingly fed up with nine people in robes making up laws

The people’s representatives in the legislature are supposed to pass laws

SCOTUS at very high risk of loss of authority in US society

Americans see through legal sophistry far more than elites understand

SCOTUS nearing the line of being distrusted and ignored by the people

Americans sense that President Trump is the only one

fighting for the preservation of America as founded


When the Military Betrays POTUS


  • Milley apologizes for participating in the President’s walk to St. John’s Episcopal
  • Esper voices apparently unconditional opposition to Presidential use

of anti-insurrection law

  • Mattis writes an anti-Trump op-ed
  • Petraeus, Kelly and McMaster apparently ready to join in criticism of POTUS

These are variations of insubordination and undermining of the Commander-in-Chief

Very dangerous; ought to be investigated for court-martial

This is what’s left of an Obama-gutted military—

Generals more left-leaning than America-defending

President Trump needs new military leaders who grasp and oppose Marxism