Why It Matters – The June 17th Show

Why It Matters – The June 17th Show

Police Reform: Trump, Congress and Antifa


President Trump’s executive order lauded even by Van Jones as ‘step in the right direction’

Congress tiptoeing around ‘defund the police’ v. reform or improve the police. Leftists are trending toward Nationalize the Police..

Antifa effectively wants to become the police, aka ‘community policing’

Americans must understand:

  • Orchestrated leftist assaults on ‘the police’ are not really about the function of police
  • They are an attempted overthrow of America’s concept of right & wrong, law & order

CHAZ is not about a response to George Floyd; George Floyd is being used

as the excuse to launch an all-out leftist assault on America

AMERICANS must give their leaders the spine to resist this assault


ESPN Politics Flop


ESPN viewership sinks to 41 year low as politics permeates sports commentary

ESPN has always tried to be a weathervane, aligned with MSM and pop culture

The problem staring ESPN in the face, but they can’t grasp it:

Sports would not be so wildly popular + ESPN anchors wouldn’t be so richly paid …

  1. if America really were a racist country, or
  2. if America did not embrace free markets and capitalism

YET BLM, as an organization, asserts America IS racist, and

openly seeks to abolish free market capitalism…

…and this is what ESPN aligns with politically