Why It Matters – The June 17th Show

Why It Matters – The June 17th Show

Research has confirmed what ought to be affirmed as common sense—fathers in the home are a positive force for good in the family.

Hong Kongers deserve the world’s support; they are truly rising up.

The rot of socialism is everywhere to see; all Americans can open their eyes.



Fathers Matter – Research has shown repeatedly, recently and over many decades—that fathers matter in the health of families and of society as a whole.


·       Daughters who grow up with a father in the home tend to be less promiscuous and less prone to engage in other destructive behavior (e.g., drugs and alcohol)


·       Sons who grow up with a father in the home necessarily have a male role model, and they tend to be less likely to engage in destructive and anti-social behavior (e.g., gangs).


Public policies which have the effect of denying or diminishing the reality that fathers matter are enormously destructive.


For most of American history, the idea that ‘fathers matter’ has been a matter of common sense, without need for academic research to confirm it.  There is no such thing as a post-truth or post-history America; common sense is still common sense.  Fathers matter; we need to speak up and affirm this basic truth.



Hong Kong Protests – The scale is staggering; 2 million people protesting in Hong Kong is like 90+ million people protesting in America.


People living under communism, and people who know people living under communism, know how oppressive, unjust and tyrannical it is.


When Hong Kongers arise at this level, the world needs to take note, and the free people of the West need to do everything possible to show solidarity and support.


Even dictators like Xi Jinping—and his deputy Carrie Lam—must tread carefully in the face of protests of this size.  Change to the Chinese Communist Party may seem impossible.  So did the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.  The people of Hong Kong are in the right; they have more power than they may realize.



The Rot of Socialism – The terminal flaws of socialism are readily apparent to anyone with knowledge of history and human nature.  American universities have failed to teach this for decades, and American millennials are the worse for it.  But modern evidence is everywhere.


Oberlin College is a place where students have demanded the abandonment of mid-terms, insisted that there be no grade below a “C”, and sought to decriminalize shoplifting, and the ‘archaic’ idea of punishing theft.  Now they owe Gibson’s Bakery $44M in actual and punitive damages awarded by a jury that wasn’t impressed with Oberlin students who shoplifted, got busted, and then claimed racial victimhood as an excuse.


Socialism is built on envy and covetousness, and SJW nonsense encourages complete lawlessness—i.e., no sense of right and wrong.  Oberlin had been offered a no cost settlement to the litigation if they would write a letter of apology to the bakery, confirming that no racial profiling had occurred in the shoplifting case.  Oberlin refused.


The jury sent an emphatic message of disapproval to Oberlin and its defiance of truth and embrace of socialism.


Venezuela is on a never-ending downward spiral, which began with the seemingly innocuous embrace of socialism-lite in the name of ‘fairness’.  But fairness in a socialist society just means using government to enforce the envies and covetousness of one group over another.


Bernie Sanders made an impassioned speech about freedom, asking a series of rhetorical questions to the effect of “are you really free if…”  Bernie’s questions display his fundamental misunderstanding of America and freedom.


        America was founded on faith in the individual, empowered by freedom and the innate aspiration for a better life; America was not founded on humans as victims

        Freedom means you can work to overcome life’s challenges and be rewarded for your effort and success

        Freedom does not mean government exists to assure you that life is easy