Why It Matters – The June 18th Show

Why It Matters – The June 18th Show

Reliable studies estimate the LGBTQ portion of the population at under 3%.  Yet LGBTQ activists drive their agenda with the authority of a super-majority, and seem determined that all questions relevant to them have only two categories of ‘answerers’ (1) those who wholeheartedly embrace whatever they say and want, or (2) haters.

That’s a false categorization.  Americans are freedom-loving, live-and-let-live people.  But the leftist agenda is out of control:  drag queen story hours, ‘trans’ advocacy, the great silencing—it’s too much, and it’s wrong for our children.



Defectors from the former Soviet Union made clear that key parts of their strategy to destroy America included:

        Put psychiatry in charge of society

        Destroy the family

        Destroy the church

        Take control of education


All are on vivid display in America today, and all are being driven by the Left.  In contrast, America’s longstanding conservative values include:

        Love and respect for the innocence and purity of children

        Live and let live on matters of adult, private consent

        Humility before the Laws of nature and of nature’s God’ as Creator


Nothing in America’s conservative values fosters or condones hate toward anyone in the LGBTQ community, BUT the militant LGBTQ agenda upends American values.  Consider:

        Drag Queen story-hours at public Libraries –

o   This is healthy for children?

        Silencing dissent from the new Trans orthodoxy –

o   Dismissing biological reality & freedom to speak

        Modern Psychiatry has no answers

o   They don’t practice “science”—they just mimic left-wing views

        Trans advocacy in schools 

o   NOT THEIR JOB – this is shutting out parents & families