Why It Matters – The June 19th Show

Why It Matters – The June 19th Show

Father’s Day


Father’s Day weekend comparisons

  • Small gathering of friends…all conversation on the horrifying Biden cabal assault on America
  • A restaurant outing on Saturday night…packed with families and fathers…do they have a clue about America’s desperate plight…will they not wake up until it’s too late??

Fathers are so important…

  • To families: as role models for their children, defenders and protectors of wives and family
  • To saving America: by standing up and speaking out with courage to stop the leftist assault

George Washington as ‘Father of Our Country’ is the ultimate role model for Presidential demeanor, judgement and fidelity to the Constitution and the cause of human freedom

America needs new George Washington-caliber leaders of exemplary character


Who Runs & Who Is, the US GOV’T? (Hint: Not Bill Barr)


Bill Barr exemplifies the out of touch, out of control Deep State mentality

Barr believes the President and the people are accountable to the government and the permanent bureaucracy…muh institutions!!

The Constitution provides:

  • Government power is limited, and its purpose is protect the rights of the people
  • Government is accountable to ‘We the People’, not the other way around
  • President is elected by ‘We the People’ to lead and direct the government

The entire Trump documents brouhaha is premised on a Barr-like fundamental perversion of the Constitutional allocation of power and accountability


GOP Blinks: Adam Schiff Escapes 


Adam Schiff knowingly and willingly lied multiple times to fan the flames of Trump hatred and to delegitimize the Trump presidency…the damage to America was/is incalculable

…he knowingly and willingly undermined and sabotaged the duly elected President

Schiff should be censured, fined, expelled and tried for treason…and face the consequences

Spineless GOP punted on fining Schiff for fear of later retribution in kind by Dems

America is being lost by GOP spinelessness

…what Schiff did is in a category by itself of unconscionable culpability that deserves the strongest rebuke and punishment

…if GOP won’t deliver it, GOP needs to be replaced by American patriots




Final, official notice of the ending of slavery is a good marker in American history

But June 19th should never be viewed as equivalent in significance to July 4th

The spirit of the Declaration of Independence impelled the ending of slavery

  • Without the spirit of July 4th, there would never have been a Juneteenth

This is a simple but profound lesson of American history that leftist revisionists seek to confuse….leftist WANT to erase the Declaration because of its spirit

  • It is the spirit of the Declaration that puts the founding of America directly under God or ‘divine Providence’…and THAT is what all leftists HATE

Atheism has always been antithetical to America…Atheism would NOT impel the ending of slavery

restoration of strong Christian faith is critical to restoring America