Why It Matters – The June 19th Show

Why It Matters – The June 19th Show

Juneteenth is worth knowing about; women should resist the siren song of socialism; the national debt is missing from the national conversation, but shouldn’t be; Trump ignites the campaign launch crowd unlike any other candidate; and bogus polls are all over the place—don’t give in to gaslighting.



General Gordon Granger took action on June 19, 1865 to confirm freedom for slaves; an annual celebration began the very next year.

‘Juneteenth’ honors the historical bond of Texas and freedom – master/slave replaced by employer/employee

Juneteenth has been a Texas state holiday since 1980; 44 other states honor it; it’s worth remembering!

Women and Socialism

Fairness is a desirable characteristic of society; women especially are drawn to it.  But never confuse the right idea of fairness—to treat all with dignity and respect—with ‘equality of outcomes’.

Equality of outcomes NEVER occurs naturally; we as individual human beings, are not the same.

Socialism enforces equality of outcomes, denying individuality; this can only be done by force—which is why socialism always has led, and always will lead to TYRANNY.

Women must rally to the cause of individual freedom for all, not be fooled by false concepts of fairness.

The National Debt

The Washington D.C. Uniparty’s desire to ignore the national debt will not make it go away.

Honoring obligations, including especially debt obligations—individuals and entities and states—is foundational to ordered liberty; to trust in markets.

Politicians have made promises with OPM (other people’s money) that cannot be kept—e.g., Social Security and Medicare.

Americans are going to have to force their elected officials to act responsibly, and soon, to address this.


Trump’s 2020 Campaign Launch

Trump’s bond with the Orlando crowd was palpable, inspiring.

Trump will make Spygate a 2020 campaign issue, and it should be.  It is the most consequential and sinister scandal in American history.

Trump’s signature lines of “Drain the swamp”; Make America Great Again (MAGA), and “Keep America Great” resonate as much as ever.


Early, Bogus Polls

Remember what ‘Gaslighting’ is:  staging ‘news’ to make you disbelieve what you see with your own eyes.

Then consider:  Biden’s crowd <1000; Trump’s 25,000+ indoors, and 75,000+ outdoors

Trump hasn’t lost his 63 million supporters; he’s added to them.

Biden is not 10+ points ahead of Trump.