Why It Matters – The June 1st Show

Why It Matters – The June 1st Show

Parades for Trump vs Pathetic Paul Ryan


  • ‘Trump boat parades’ in Florida over Memorial Day weekend…

…and Paul Ryan is afraid of a populist cult around Trump

  • Paul Ryan either can’t see the big picture…

…or he can, and is allied with the UniParty/Deep State/Swamp to destroy it

  • Americans’ support for Trump is NOT about cultish, shallow loyalty to a person

It’s about renewed love for America, for the MAGA agenda, for freedom

It hasn’t stopped since November 3rd; it is rising…but the media can’t/won’t see it

  • The UniParty line is that Joe Biden received the most votes in US history…

…so he’s far more popular than Trump…right? 

      The subject of election fraud remains on the minds of millions of Americans


Courts Reject Biden’s Racial Bigotry


Biden’s Small Business Admin. set to hand out covid recovery loans for restaurants

Openly acknowledged priority given to owners of color & women owners

This is stone-cold racial and gender discrimination, plainly unconstitutional based on recent precedent, and courts have so far stepped up and said so…

…but will it continue to be unconstitutional with a ‘packed’ SCOTUS?

This is the offshoot of ‘racism everywhere’, 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, etc.

  • A complete rejection of America’s founding ideals
  • Not a trace of love in it; it is all about pitting groups against each other
  • Intended to sweep away Judeo-Christian ideals in favor of leftist power tactics

There is NO evidence that Americans voted for this


Remembering on Memorial Day


  • Kamala Harris completely tone-deaf with ‘enjoy the long weekend’ tweet

The Vice President of the United States is expected to honor Memorial Day

  • Even Harris’ later efforts to backfill and make amends seemed more like racial tokenism than true honoring of fallen American soldiers
  • Americans are learning every day what it means to be governed by a radical leftist, anti-American administration…

…Harris’ Memorial Day gaffe was not really a gaffe; it likely never occurred to her (or her Twitter writers) that Memorial Day represented anything other than a long weekend

Americans are increasingly restless…

            …does the Biden/Harris agenda reflect ‘the consent of the governed’?