Why It Matters – The June 1st Show

Why It Matters – The June 1st Show

Rioters Devastate America – Who’s the Enemy?


The vast majority of Americans are good and decent people…universally angry, disgusted

and ashamed by what happened to George Floyd…everyone, including the vast majority of police officers, is a protester against such police behavior

The riots are another thing entirely

Former NYPD Comissioner Bernard Kerik’s national map of rioting locations validates these truths:

  • The riots are not spontaneous; they are planned
  • The riots are not about black v. white; they are about leftists against America

Americans must rise and hold on to America’s heritage: America’s founding ideals

                                                         ONLY these unite

                        ONLY these can identify the real enemy to be defeated

                 Black and white are not at war; America and anti-America are


Antifa FINALLY a Terrorist Organization


Antifa’s radicalism has been known for awhile—they are essentially nihilist/communist

Overdue for designation as Terrorist Organization

But one of many radical leftist subversive anti-American groups

When Minnesota Governor’s daughter, and Ilhan Omar’s daughter, and Hollywood

celebrities donate to bail funds for arrested rioters, they are NOT helping protesters—they are aiding terrorists

A test that lies ahead:

Will leftist holdovers from the Obama administration undercut FBI and DOJ efforts to enforce the law, arrest the terrorists and restore law and order?

AG Barr’s DOJ has the right idea, and Barr has been through riots before

       Americans must demand and support Pro-America law and order