Why It Matters – The June 20th Show

Why It Matters – The June 20th Show

Suing to remove crosses from public land is often rooted in strident opposition to the place of Christian thought in America’s founding.

There is NO right to freedom FROM religion in the Constitution, AND there is NOTHING in the Constitution that requires absolute separation of church and state.

SCOTUS’s decision leaves in place the respect for America’s Judeo-Christian history.

Despite a desperately heartbreaking situation, Parkland school resource officer Scot Peterson appears to be guilty of having frozen in fear, and having failed to act to stop the gunman. His “crime” is not acting.

There are potentially huge legal consequences for America’s criminal justice system if fear, or not acting, can be the basis for criminal prosecution—it’s a slippery slope to criminalize cowardice.

Joe Biden launched his campaign on a demonstrably false accusation: Trump never described racists as ‘fine people’. Yet Biden now proudly defends his actions as a friend and respectful colleague to avowed racists/segregationists.

The hypocrisy meter is blowing up; will the media give Biden the Trump treatment? Of course not.

Former NFL player and black American Burgess Owens demonstrated rare moral courage and clarity, with strong personal credibility – DENOUNCING the reparations idea.

Mr.Owens also laid the economic, employment and educational plight of black Americans squarely at the Democrats’ feet, where history and policy shows it belongs.

He’s no relation to Candace Owens, BUT her BLEXIT in 2020 movement is growing and benefiting from what he said—all of which is great for the future of America.

When everyone is Hitler, no one is Hitler. When everything is a concentration camp, nothing is.

Sovereign nations must control borders. Detention of lawbreakers is as old as humanity; it is essential to law and order.

American detention centers for illegal immigrants are humane and decent; they are not concentration camps. AOC: often wrong; never doubtful.