Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

The Truman Show in Real Life


Truman Show protagonist finally woke up to realize everything in his life was fake/all lies

Americans are waking up to their own government as a government of lies

  • Lying about a secure border
  • Lying about secure elections
  • Lying about origin of covid…about masks and lockdowns and vaccine safety
  • Lying about fossil fuels and CO2 and gas stoves
  • Lying about the purpose of the ‘central bank digital currency’
  • Lying about fair and impartial administration of justice
  • Lying about reasons and status of Ukraine/Russia war
  • Lying about the unconscionable, unprecedented alleged bribery of the Biden cabal

The blizzard of lies is unsustainable; the American People will not tolerate it

law and order cannot be maintained without truth


What’s Wrong with Communism?


Boomers understand the evil of communism

Younger generations have been fooled by communist sophistry with words

  • ‘Be open to new ideas’; ‘Sharing is good’; ‘would be better if everything were more equal’; the Bible/Christianity is a myth…a collection of made up stories

America’s prosperity springs from the founding rooted in the acknowledgement of a Creator God, and His creation endowed with rights that human government MUST honor


  • Take away God as Creator, and men and women become soulless carbon units; no inherent dignity or worth (‘useless eaters’); no inherent rights that govt must protect; no sense of morality or ethics except what human authorities dictate; NO FREEDOM

Americans must relearn a simple, eternal truth:

COMMUNISM IS EVIL, in whatever guise it may take


BlackRock Busted But Does It Matter?


James O’Keefe—now doing undercover exposes as part of O’Keefe Media Group—captures

on video a BlackRock recruiter spouting off:

  • ‘It’s not…who the president is, it’s who’s controlling the wallet of the president’
  • ‘War is real f***ing good for business’
  • ‘You got $10K, you can buy a Senator’
  • ‘These guys (hedge funds, BlackRock, the banks) control the world’

The claim that money/wealth = power is as old as humanity

BlackRock is the latest ‘master of the universe’ intending to set the rules for the rest of us

  • ESG is largely the creation of Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock
  • BlackRock embraces and pushes globalism—denying the exceptionalism of America

BlackRock is an enemy to the cause of human freedom

It is an enemy of America as ‘one nation under God’


Hunter Plea Deal vs Trump Show Trial


  • Hunter Biden cops a plea with no jail time
  • Trump criminal ‘documents’ trial moved up to start in August

DOJ/Pravda media apparently believes Americans accept these as equal admin of justice

Evidence of actual bribery and graft involving Joe and Hunter Biden is overwhelming

ØInvolves millions of dollars and ‘purchase’ of American policy

ØInvolves apparent compromise of America’s interests to CCP

ØAs criminally corrupt and indefensible as any presidential behavior in American history

…but DOJ lets off Hunter and goes after Trump over ridiculous ‘documents’ case

No way to overstate the complete moral collapse of the DOJ and FBI

America deserves better…Americans must insist on it