Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

Fathers Matter


Father’s Day, and decades of research and common sense, confirm:

Children, especially boys, at exponentially greater risk of personal and moral failure

if no father in the home

                        Less discipline; a missing role model

That is not a slam on often heroic single moms; it is a statement of empirical fact

Karl Marx explicitly wanted to abolish the family because he saw it as all about $$$/wealth

BLM explicitly wants to abolish the nuclear family

…because family is a white construct?  Really?

Americans must not give in to this ridiculousness of abandoning the idea of family

Americans know better…they MUST stand up and say so


Prager and Ivy League Entitlement


Dennis Prager threw down a gauntlet in a widely read column:

The single biggest step Americans can take to save their country…

remove children from public schools

            U.S. public schools are teaching amoral, irreligious, CRT and false US history…

…leading to racial division, and hatred of America


North Korean refugee attending Ivy League Columbia…’it’s worse than North Korea’

No teaching of how to think; teaching only what to think

“Woke-scolds” populating the campus have no idea how to value freedom

There is no escaping the truth of ‘reaping what is sown’

                 Americans MUST insist on re-sowing the seeds of America’s founding