Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

Racial Hypocrite Sen. Whitehouse Unmasked


Democrat US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse noted for political grandstanding about racism

Turns out to be long time member of ‘whites only’ beach club in Rhode Island

Claims it’s a long ‘tradition’ in Rhode Island

Whitehouse’s wife is major shareholder in the beach club

Donald Trump took over Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, FLA…and soon took action…

opened the club to blacks and Jews

Legacy US media believes—

no one notices the blatant, disgusting hypocrisy of Sheldon Whitehouse…

no one notices how often the ugliest racism is found on the left

no one notices the ‘racist’ epithet against Trump was NEVER justified

But Americans have noticed, and they are increasingly fed up

The left is not winning hearts and minds in America


CRT & Race In America


Viral videos rejecting CRT are proliferating

Men and women and children are speaking up

White, black, brown, Asian and especially immigrants who know better

Black speakers at ACWT conference stole the show with denouncement of claim of systemic racism in America

Yet institutional America keeps pounding away…

WaPo formally encourages white people to admit their racism, embrace shame

AMA devotes an entire conference to combating ‘systemic racism’

Americans must re-learn what is right about American ideals

All men and women are created equal; content of character matters

Love thy neighbor…and the Golden Rule:  these are the American standards


Biden’s Dangerous Ministry of Truth Unleashed


Biden launching national strategy to counter domestic terrorism

Monitoring the web for disinformation and wrong information and wrong-think

Encouraging Americans to snitch on family members and neighbors

‘Domestic terrorism’ is headed toward a definition of: whoever opposes leftism

This is a monstrous, totalitarian denial of free speech, and it is headed toward complete evisceration of the ideal of the color-blind administration of justice and the rule of law

Americans must wake up to resist the war being waged against them and their freedoms

The left believes this is their moment…their aggressiveness is rising

American Patriots must rise


Celebrate America


The 4th of July, rightly understood, is worth celebrating…by all mankind

            1776 was the true ‘great reset’; a real revolution in governance and human freedom

In 2021, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are under massive attack

            …but they are not dead yet

David Horowitz’ petition for removal of leftist Chief of Naval Operations still possible in America…and is sending a message of resistance to leftist tyranny

Truth still exists and still matters

Celebrate America on the 4th of July!

Celebrate America’s exceptional foundation…that blesses ALL