Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

Uvalde Police Stood Down


New video shows officers inside the school 19 minutes after shooter entered

…then waiting 58 minutes to engage

Apparent reality:  Police valued officers’ lives more than children’s

Has demonizing the police taken a toll on the caliber of those hired as police?

Minimum police qualifications:

  • Selfless and brave willingness to run toward danger
  • Wholehearted embrace of the motto ‘to serve and protect

Civil society clearly in jeopardy when police lack these qualities of character


Deep Dive: Hunter’s Laptop & Ashley’s Diary


Contents of the Hunter’s laptop and Ashley’s diary are deeply disturbing

  • This is a dysfunctional, hyper-sexualized, even depraved family

Biden family shouldn’t be trusted to run anything, much less the United States of America

  • What must be said about a mainstream media that wouldn’t cover the laptop or diary?
  • What must be said about Big Tech/Social Media that would NOT allow discussion of either?
  • What must be said about 50 intelligence officials who publicly, knowingly and falsely called the laptop ‘Russian disinformation’?
  • What should be done about the fraudulent election that installed this fraud as president?

The moral rot of American government is broad and massive

Tear it all down and start over’ sounds more and more appropriate


Who Runs America Under Biden?


Biden appointee for State Dept thinks white diplomats too ‘protective’ of America”

Biden appointee for EPA believes in need for ‘climate reparations’

No one can make a straight-face argument that the American people voted for this nonsense

“Elections have consequences”…

  • Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences
  • A stolen American election can destabilize the entire world

‘We the people’ must rise to save America