Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The June 22nd Show

DACA, SCOTUS and Justice Roberts


DACA was never a law passed by Congress—

DACA was an Obama suggestion that Obama himself acknowledged

…he had no constitutional authority to make or enforce

…because Congress has sole authority over immigration laws

Yet CJ John Roberts sidestepped the illegality of Obama’s DACA program and authored an opinion effectively saying leftwing Obama can start an illegal program but Trump cannot

end it without a better explanation of why…this is not legal reasoning; it is using SCOTUS

to sustain leftist open borders/diluted citizenship policies

John Roberts has disgraced himself, the legal profession and SCOTUS

Decisions are transparently political, with outcome-driven reasoning

They have no anchoring in law, except insofar as they proclaim

that ‘whatever we say is law’


Uncle Tom’s Juneteenth Celebration


Check out the new “Uncle Tom” documentary at uncletom.com

Appearances by ACWT guests Allen West, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum

and Pastor Stephen Broden

Outspoken conservative black men and women are among America’s best and bravest

They stand up to outrageous vilification of their character by black and white     leftists…for no reason except they don’t tow the leftist line

The contrast with craven corporate leaders—who fire the stepmom of an Atlanta cop for no reason but to run from and appease a possible twitter mob—is stunning

       The rescue of America may depend a great deal on black conservatives


Marxist BLM vs. black lives matter


Communists in the 1920’s zeroed in on race relations as the weak point to be leveraged in their efforts to take down America

BLM spokeswoman: “We are trained Marxists” is the ‘tell’

  • BLM is not about racial equality or eliminating racism…

BLM supports abortion/Planned Parenthood, which was founded by Margaret Sanger—a quintessential white supremacist/racist

  • BLM supports the abolition of free markets because free markets are racist

Racism as a reason to get rid of free markets is nonsensical, but it exemplifies communism’s 100-year-old determination to use race to bring down America

  • BLM supports the ‘queering of America’…this isn’t a concern of black Americans; it is communism’s desire to kill the nuclear family

       AMERICANS must see through the BLM façade; it is hardcore Marxism


ebay: Silicon Valley Sends Spiders


Underreported story: DOJ arrests/indictments of senior ebay executives who engaged in wild, cruel, depraved uses of cybertechnology to harass, intimidate, frighten and financially destroy a Massachusetts couple that published commentary critical of ebay

This is another example of the totalitarian, amoral mindset of the Silicon Valley

Google, Facebook, Twitter, ebay—none comprehend conservatism but all hate it

All are determined to use technology sophistication to stifle, smother, silence and destroy any dissent from their leftist omnipotence/worldview

America’s Republicans are too cowardly to fight or even resist

America needs new conservative leaders