Why It Matters – The June 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The June 23rd Show

Federal Election Takeover Stopped for Now


HR1/SB1 officially defeated in US Senate…for now

  • An attempt at an unconscionable, anti-constitutional overthrow of state-controlled elections
  • Would have legalized election fraud practices nationwide
  • Key Dem Senators unwilling to end filibuster/cloture rules…which meant 60 Senators

needed to approve the bill

  • There were not 60 Senators who supported the bill…

…but it is astonishing that there were more than 50 Senators who did

McConnell deserves credit for holding the line and helping to stop this bill

…but the left never stops…and the leftist/Marxist overthrow attempt remains ongoing

…the “John Lewis Voting Rights” bill is on deck…

American patriots should celebrate this victory

but the radical left is not defeated


Chinese Spy: American Danger


Impossible to overstate:

  • Importance of the defection of Dong Jingwei, Vice Minister of State Security for China
  • Precarious state of the US government in light of how Dong defection has been handled
  • May be the highest ranking CCP member ever to defect; defected in February 2021
  • Almost certainly has full knowledge of CCP influence/bribery/extortion operations in US
  • Dong chose the DIA to defect to…because he knows CIA/FBI/DOJ compromised???
  • DIA delayed notifying CIA/FBI of Dong’s defection…because DIA knows of compromise???
  • Biden Secretary of State Blinken in March meeting in Alaska with China appeared not to

know the defector was in US custody

Add China’s apparent link to election fraud…add China’s willful actions spreading covid…

US govt appears to have full knowledge of China’s hostile actions

What will be done?