Why It Matters – The June 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The June 23rd Show

Statues: American Mob Rule Underway


There is no anti-racism theme to the statue destruction and defacement

Ulysses Grant? Francis Scott Key? Junipero Serra?

And now statues of Jesus????!!!!

This is sheer ‘hate America’ mob nihilism; there is nothing positive going on

  • Police have been neutered based on fears of ‘police brutality’ accusations
  • Congressional leaders are spineless
  • Corporate America is gutless
  • Individuals are silenced

If there is no societal willingness to enforce a law, it is not a law

The American people must relearn and re-find confidence in their culture

and their resolve to defend it…

                        …their current leaders are surrendering to the mob


HOW We Got Here: Education, 1619, 1776 


NYT’s 1619 Project is a false and malicious rewrite of American history

Resetting the vision and promise of America as all about perpetuating slave-trade

Anti-free markets/capitalism; evil racist America and evil racist Americans

NYT leader considers it an honor if current turmoil is called ‘the 1619 Riots’

1619 Project now being taught in US public schools

Teen Vogue magazine elevates Karl Marx as a good guy; no mention of millions of deaths

that have followed Marxism, everywhere it has been embraced

If this is what American children are taught about their country…

Why wouldn’t they hate it?

            American patriots know better; they MUST rise to reverse this

                                    It is simple, not easy; and it must be done


Whose Job to Save America?


The American people will have to save America

This job will not be over, even if Trump wins re-election

Voting is not enough

One email to a Congressman is not enough

Every American patriot MUST be a new ‘minuteman’ in every station of life:

Work, school, church, neighborhood – speak up, speak truth about America

White supremacism” is universally understood and rejected

            by the overwhelming majority of Americans

An American generational goal must be that “Marxismin all its forms…

…is just as universally understood and rejected

            …by the overwhelming majority of Americans