Why It Matters – The June 24th Show

Why It Matters – The June 24th Show

YUGE Flynn Case Ruling BUT …


DC Appeals Court panel rules 2-1 to order Judge Sullivan to dismiss case against Flynn

Will Deep State appeal to an ‘en banc’ hearing or to SCOTUS?

New Strzok notes just ‘discovered’ by FBI/DOJ and turned over to court yesterday

Comey reportedly says Flynn/Kislyak calls ‘appear legit’

Obama wants to be sure the ‘right people on the case’

Biden wants to use the “Logan Act” against Flynn

Translation: Obama/Biden were manufacturing federal investigation of Trump campaign

The TRUTH is shouting at Barr/Durham and the American people:

Obama and Biden and their administration criminally defiled the

‘peaceful transition of power’, abusing the machinery of law enforcement

They were acting to overthrow the Constitution – do Americans care?


Venezuelan: Statues & Communism


The Venezuelan woman’s warning matters to all Americans

  • Do not be distracted by arguments about good statues v. bad statues
  • Do not be distracted by arguments about the precise definition of socialism

Destroying statues is about destroying debate and free speech, and controlling thought

Socialism, Marxism, communism, collectivism – all are anti-American; all are anti-freedom

What happened in Venezuela—once the richest country in So. America—can happen here

Stopping it requires awakened American patriots, by the millions

…who are willing and able to RESIST the mob

            Evil is never as strong as it appears, but it must be confronted


NASCAR Non-Noose


NASCAR has always been a ruling class elitist target .. southern, “racist” hillbilly rednecks

“Noose” story weird from the beginning, as no pictures of alleged ‘noose’ were shared

Nikki Haley + Gov. of Alabama + Head of NASCAR jumped on outrage train

FBI sends 15 special agents to investigate (FIFTEEN!!!)

The pathology of America’s current atmosphere was created by the ongoing Leftist/Marxist ideological assault on America so that

  • “Leaders” have been conditioned to assume the worst about Americans
  • DOJ/FBI has been conditioned to believe that white-supremacist extremists are a widespread problem.

Leftists need Americans to be suspicious of each other,

so we’ll go along with their destruction of this country

       Truth? America is filled overwhelmingly with good & noble people