Why It Matters – The June 24th Show

Why It Matters – The June 24th Show

The 21st century call to people around the world:  compare the Islamic worldview with Judeo-Christian/Western civilization.  Compare such ideas as conquest v. coexistence; tolerance v. intolerance; moral v. immoral; good v. evil.

America is a tolerant nation, rooted in Judeo-Christian values; Americans must learn from Europe, Israel and from world history in general.  Defending the culture of liberty in America and in the world requires courage, standing up, and speaking up.

Google’s bias tends to be anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and anti-American.  Victim status, as decided by them trumps principles, values and truth.  Senior Google personnel are openly determined to not let Trump win again.

Americans need to recognize that search results are manipulated, and this form of thought control ought not to be tolerated.  Americans should demand government action to stop this thought manipulation.  Breaking up Big Tech may be the only way to do it.  But don’t forget—you can always go straight to the ACWT website for great information and commentary.

Leftwing Cities and victim-politics have brought chaos. 

Consider Seattle, where Landlords must take first tenant applicant who can pay, no questions asked. No concern for property ‘ownership’ and rights, or property values.

Consider San Francisco, where there are online poop maps and policies for protecting the homeless that conflict with business owners—e.g., a restaurant’s right to cleanliness.

Consider San Diego – building tent cities for the homeless and offering some sort of secular rehab…and then what?

The American ethos is all about individual freedom and responsibility under God.  Leftism rejects that ethos and assumes MILLIONS are mere victims.

With the first Dem debate coming up on Wednesday June 26th AND Thursday June 27th, ask yourself: 

Will ANY of them agree that Trump’s tax policies have improved the employment numbers? If not, WHAT explains the jobs numbers?

WHAT will any of them do to secure the border, OR are they admitting they don’t want to do that?

Will any of them fight voter fraud?

Do they support or oppose the Green New Deal? If they support, HOW will we pay for it?

And while you’re considering their answers, just picture America as Venezuela.