Why It Matters – The June 25th Show

Why It Matters – The June 25th Show

Cultural Marxism and Speech


FSU Student Senate President removed for comments to Catholic friends regarding factual ways BLM public agenda violates Catholic teaching (e.g., abortion; transgenderism)

Replaced by ‘Palestinian’ student who proclaims Israel to be like Nazi Germany

Cultural Marxists do not have a better idea; they are not promoting a more perfect union

  • They are sowing division and hatred according to their godless view of the world,

And innocent students and Americans are manipulated by the Marxists

How many more examples will it take to wake up American patriots en masse?

Principled push-back is possible and essential

American patriots must rise up


FB: MAGA = Terrorism


Project Veritas videos expose Facebook ‘moderators’

When she sees a photo of a person with a MAGA hat, she will block it as terrorism

  • These people are serious
  • These people have paid jobs at Facebook
  • These people have been educated to believe that love of America equates to terrorism

The price of false teaching and indoctrination that has festered for decades on American campuses is becoming clear…and the bill is coming due

             The American people MUST rise and reverse this

It is a generational task; it will not be corrected in one election


Covid Truth: Numbers & Economy


So much has been learned, but is NOT changing policy

  • Covid not nearly as lethal as feared; it is NOT the plague
  • No ‘scientific’ evidence shelter-in-place has helped anything
  • New cases now are overwhelmingly of the mild variety, often asymptomatic
  • Isolated geographic instances of ICU strain NOT indicative of system wide problem

YET elected officials are in love with nanny state/dictatorial powers

Americans must insist on a return to trusting freedom and free people as the remedy

Government provides information and guidance

Americans decide how to take care of themselves

and their families, friends and neighbors