Why It Matters – The June 26th Show

Why It Matters – The June 26th Show

Covid’s Over But Tyranny Marches on


WHO claims ‘infodemic’…promotes aggressive govt surveillance for compliance

ØStill no public reckoning for the unsafe and ineffective vaccines

ØData on excess mortality, declining birthrates and other vaccine injuries will NOT go away

ØThis data is growing over time…and it all points to unsafe and ineffective

Humanity is in pivotal turmoil on the understanding of what health is and how to preserve it

ØBig Pharma decides?

ØFree men and women decide?

America’s founding says free men and women decide

Today’s Americans must re-learn how to exercise healthcare freedom


LGBTQ Military Emergency


Lt. Gen. publicly harangues states enacting laws against child mutilation

ØClaims this hurts the US military  ???!!!

ØHOW?  Humoring trans insanity cannot help recruiting or readiness or lethality

Americans MUST awaken to the magnitude of the effort at legitimizing trans ideology

  • The purpose is to supersede and replace Judeo-Christian moral principles
  • The purpose is to destroy the US military as a force for defending America

Read Peachy Keenan’s “Domestic Terrorist:  A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War”

  • Though a call primarily to women, her book captures the need to fight back against LGBTQ abuses


Biden Bribery & Tell-All Text


Hunter’s text to Chinese businessman is beyond a smoking gun

ØIt is ‘prima facie’ conclusive proof of corruption/bribery/treason

ØIt is preeminently worthy of impeachment and removal and prosecution

Every American adult KNOWS this…but what will the feckless Uniparty politicians do?

Americans’ feeling of disconnect with politicians has NEVER been more severe

Latest poll says 74% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track

Biden should resign, or be impeached and removed immediately

The American people are so fed up—


Trump’s Newest Homeruns


Trump’s signature hour+ speeches getting more and more powerful

ØEnforce immigration law to keep out Marxists, communists and socialists

üCall in the military to secure the border

ØMove to all paper ballots, Election Day voting only

ØCalling out Biden bribery evidence

ØGive China a deadline to get out of Cuba

No other candidate is speaking so forcefully about the top issues on Americans’ minds

The DOJ corruption is too obvious to ignore…EVERYONE sees it

  • Garland has committed impeachable offenses…lying to Congress about control of Hunter investigation/prosecution

A lying, manifestly corrupt DOJ cannot be sustained