Why It Matters – The June 26th Show

Why It Matters – The June 26th Show

UT Allows Doxxing of Conservative Students

        UT leftwingers  who ‘dox’ fellow UT students interested in Turning Point USA, a mainstream conservative organization, are THREATENING people.

        These UT Leftie “Doxxers” feel entitled to be outraged, and to bully and threaten other students for not agreeing with them.

RADICAL turnaround needed in American culture and campuses.

Grown-ups must take charge.

Freedom of speech AND robust exchange of ideas matter!

        Mobs, threats, intimidation, doxxing against political opponents is intolerant,  tyrannical, and has no place in America.

        When Dem leaders in DC like Maxine Waters URGE Americans to confront political opponents in public, in the streets, etc., AND ALMOST NO ONE criticizes that, they encourage irrational outrage.

Army War College Disinvites Raymond Ibrahim

        Simplest starting point of national defense:  Know Your Enemy

        The US Army War College trains future military and other leaders for our country.

        Yet fear of offending an Islamist organization, Hamas-affiliated CAIR, caused the AWC to cancel a speaker whose work spells out in plain English the threat Islamists present to America’s safety and well-being.

        Disinviting a scholar from speaking at AWC about the danger to America of the Islamist worldview, because Islamists don’t want our future leaders to hear this truth, is all by itself, a surrender to Islamism.

        This decision must be reversed!


Knitters and Spitters

        The Knitters: Banning and shunning people with whom you disagree politically is another example of the mindset of the tyrannically intolerant Left. Even among knitters, how will we ever have discourse?

        The Spitter: Spitting on the son of the President for no reason except he is the son of the President ? This is the “entitled to be outraged” moral idiocy of today’s Leftism.


Indulging this intolerance will hurt our culture and country.

Google and American Elections

Tampering with American elections should be opposed by all Americans

Google has effectively admitted it INTENDS TO TAMPER with the 2020 US election

        If they control what you can learn online, they can control what you believe, and then how you vote

        This is a modern incarnation  of PRAVDA—old Soviet style propaganda

SUPPORT Breaking up GOOGLE !!

ANY Legal Action Possible , Criminal or Civil, Should Be Taken