Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

Why It Matters – The June 27th Show

The Constitutional SCOTUS


SCOTUS on a roll…

  • Private school vouchers
  • 2A protection
  • Dobbs
  • Coach Kennedy

Americans of all political leanings should welcome SCOTUS getting OUT of policy-making

The Constitution assigns policy-making to the legislative branch, NOT to the judicial branch

SCOTUS did not ban abortion or mandate prayer at football games or ‘establish’ religion anywhere…SCOTUS returned the court to the boundaries of the Constitution

            History likely to show that returning political debate to the legislature is better for society


What Will Roe Reversal Bring?


Post-Dobbs rhetoric at a fever pitch…but not reflective of majority view

  • Not many Americans support abortion up to the moment of birth
  • Not many Americans support 100% ban on abortion under any and all circumstances
  • ‘Safe, legal and rare’ was Bill Clinton’s phrase for the Democrat approach to abortion
    • But 63 million abortions since Roe was decided in 1973 fits nobody’s definition of ‘safe, legal and rare’

Dobbs merely concluded that abortion is not a constitutional right; the 50 state ‘laboratories of democracy’ can decide what their citizens want on the subject of unwanted pregnancy


Thoughtful and serious debate ought to be the norm for legislatures, not invective and name-calling and vitriol…can this norm return on the subject of abortion?


Biden’s Dementia cards & 2024


Biden’s dementia is cringeworthy…he reads from notecards written at the level of a child

America is not a serious country so long as the political system is unable to deal with the truth that EVERYONE sees

  • Exactly what the 25th Amendment was designed for
  • ‘Statesmen’—more concerned with country than with party power—would step up to the dementia issue and deal with it

Left is instead focused on turning away from Biden for a 2024 re-election run

  • Floating new names for 2024…Stacey Abrams?

             Dementia in the Commander-in-Chief is extremely dangerous for all Americans


Secret Recording HOW Dems Plan to Win


Project Veritas releases another video….

Rare look at candid talk from a black Democrat candidate for US Senate

  • Openly calling for infiltration of frauds/’sleepers’ into GOP
  • Openly asking for illegal donations
  • Openly racist attitudes toward blacks and whites

An ugly blueprint of how the left views racial strategy in politics–